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VHQ was established in Singapore in 1987 as a small boutique post production facility. A Malaysian facility opened in 1988, followed by another facility in Indonesia in 1990. In 2001, its then Managing Director lead an MBO exercise and recapitalised the company after the Asian financial crisis a few year earlier. In 2003, VHQ Singapore secured a multi-year contract to build and operate a facility dedicated to produce promos and entertainment programmes for MTV Asia, which was the main feed for the MTV footprint, which includes Nickelodeon and VH1, in all of Asia ex-Japan, Korea and China. By then, VHQ was also producing content for international broadcasters like National Geographic and Discovery Channels. In 2003, VHQ again broke new grounds with a first ever co-production with Hunan Television. In 2008, VHQ secured another multi-year contract to service NBC Universal, producing motion graphics and promos for NBC’s feed for South East Asia. That same year, a representative office was established in Beijing, to service a part of the work secured by the VHQ facilities in South East Asia. By 2013, VHQ China was launched to service the ever-increasing volume of work, mainly feature films, which originated from China. In 2014, VHQ Media Holdings Ltd was incorporated and structured as the holding company for all the VHQ offices. It was listed in December 2015 on the Taipei Exchange (Ticker – VHQ-KY 4803). VHQ celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017 with thriving facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

Core Business

VHQ’s core business is in the production of visual effects, animation, motion graphics and post production services for commercials & feature films. In the commercials segment, it is accorded preferred supplier status by the likes of P&G and Unilever due to its specialization in FMCG work, which are viewed over a myriad of devices over the internet, on television and outdoor media spaces. In the feature film sector, VHQ has, over a period of 3 years, established itself as one of the very few go-to visual effects facilities for visual effects heavy films and since 2017, effects and visuals dependent episodic dramas for the internet and television. Apart from being a service provider, VHQ has also started to invest in and acquire takes in film and IPs in China.

Company Structure

Our Milestones


Video Headquarters Singapore was established


Video Headquarters Malaysia was established


Video Headquarters Indonesia was established


MBO lead by the then Regional General Manager, Mr. Low Kok Wah. All the VHQ offices renamed, restructured and re-capitalized


VHQ Singapore appointed exclusive service provider for MTV Asia


VHQ Beijing established as a representative office of VHQ Singapore


VHQ Singapore acquired the post production business of Blackmagic Design in Singapore


VHQ Beijing established as a Sino-Foreign JV with VHQ Singapore as controlling stakeholder
– Secured 1st major film project in China – Wolf Totem


VHQ Media Holdings Ltd established as the holding company for all of VHQ entities
– Secured Series A Funding


IPO of VHQ Media Holdings Ltd on the Taipei Exchange


VHQ Media Holdings Ltd successfully issued NTD700 Million in Convertible Bonds


VHQ Singapore acquired 32% shareholding of VHQ Beijing from minority Chinese partner
– Entered into MOU to acquire controlling stake in a Taipei-based Visual Effects Studio, Light and Shadow
– VHQ celebrates its 30th anniversary


-VHQ Media Holdings Ltd successfully issued NTD 740 Million in SPO
-Acquire 70% equity stake in Jupiter Media Co. Ltd.


– VHQ Media Holdings Ltd successfully issued NTD 500 Million in Convertible Bonds


– VHQ Holdings Ltd successfully issued RMB 150 Million in Convertible Bonds


– VHQ Holdings Ltd successfully issued USD 15 Million in Convertible Bonds