VHQ announces 2017 August Revenue, up 22.73% YoY

Taipei, 11 September 2017

VHQ Media Holdings Ltd reported revenue of NTD108.43 million for August 2017 – 12.62% growth compared to August 2016; total revenue from January to August 2017 is NTD823.98 million, up 22.73% YOY.

According to VHQ, robust growth from film and advertising service remain to be the key driver to increase revenue. This year, VHQ has been working on films which require heavy and high standard of visual effects, 3 of which were released this summer – “Once Upon a Time”, “Legend of the Naga Pearls” and “Guilty Mind”.

“Once Upon a Time” garnered box office revenue of more than RMB500 Million, coming in at number 2 in box office takings in China for August 2017. “Legend of the Naga Pearls” and “Guilty Mind” rank within the top 10 highest box office grossing films in China for August 2017. This makes VHQ the only visual effects house in China which has worked on 3 out of the top 10 movies this summer, another strong indication of VHQ’s strengthening market position in the industry.

VHQ has just launched a new investor website in the quest to enhance the disclosure of financial information and business activities. The website is available in both English and Chinese. Investors are kindly encouraged to subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive latest news and updates from VHQ at https://investor.vhqmedia.com

About VHQ

VHQ was established in Singapore in 1987 as a post-production studio. In 2001, its then Managing Director lead an MBO exercise and recapitalised the company operates a network covering Asean. In 2013, VHQ China was launched to service the ever increasing volume of work, mainly feature films, which originated from China. In 2014, VHQ Media Holdings Ltd was incorporated and was listed in December 2015 on the Taipei Exchange (Ticker – VHQ-KY 4803). VHQ’s core business is in the production of visual effects, animation, motion graphics and post production services for commercials & feature films.

VHQ celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2017 with thriving facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.

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